2005 / MFA

“Last night I dreamt of you…”, 2005. 20′ x 20′ room sized installation. Pictured here: The large wolf is carved Styrofoam covered in synthetic fur. The table is reconfigured from a vintage table with a miniature scale wood planked top. The figurines are polymer clay and wax. This installation was created as a thesis project for my MFA from Portland State University.


66  thesis_wolf_image


Close up of individual pieces from “last night I dreamt of you”


Last night I dreamt of you…”, 2005. detail. This piece is titled “How it Must Have Happened”. Polymer clay and wax. 6.5″h x variable dimensions. MFA Thesis Project


“Last night I dreamt of you…”, 2005. Detail. This piece is titled “Let It Burn”. Polymer clay and wax. 4.5″h x 4”l. MFA Thesis Project


Something I didn’t know about you – 2005. Approximately 6′ x 3′. Styrofoam, plaster bandage and glitter. This installation was constructed for this bath tub at the Jupiter Hotel for the “Affair at the Jupiter” art fair. It was an aesthetic study for the “Love in the Wild” installation. (Individual pieces in private collections)



Something I didn’t know about you – 2005. Styrofoam, glitter, mixed media