2016 and 2017

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2017 Check out the blog!  https://vicsdirtroad.wordpress.com/author/vickilynnwilsonblog

History Lessons Solo Show, August 2017, Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts This work was created in June and July of 2017 at Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, Va



“Pressed and Tested”, 2017. 1000 impressions of the artist mouth create a one person protest. Each surface is a different combination of glazes and techniques on two different clay bodies. Individual mouths are numbered and combinations recorded. The work was created for the Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts. This original room of the gallery dates back to 1795.


Left: Battlefield, 2017. Center: Great Expectations, 2017 (made with native clay collected from across the country). Right: Muscle Memory, 2017.


Some wood fired bowls from Summer 2017.


Growing Resistance Solo Show, March 2017, N.W.I.P.A., Portland, OR





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